America the beautiful is changing

Known as the America the Beautiful Quarters Programthe series highlights the beauty of the nation by showcasing sites of national interest throughout the land. Even though this program is just premiering, the US Mint is no stranger to multi-year quarter campaign. Territories Program in In keeping with tradition, the new series follows the same general format as its predecessors.

America the beautiful is changing

Did our perception of beauty change between and now? In the study, after breaking down looks by hair, skin color, eye color, age, gender and race, the team found that "celebrities rated beautiful in were older, more often women, and had a higher rate of darker skin types and mixed race," noted Vashi, who is director of the Boston University Center for Ethnic Skin.

Largely because of its readership of nearly 44 million adult readers, making it the most popular magazine in the United States, Vashi explained.

After cataloguing 27 years of choices, the team observed that while lighter-skinned men and women accounted for 88 percent of choices inthat figure fell to about 70 percent by The same held true for cover photos on those special issues: All told, this meant that individuals with darker skin accounted for nearly 30 percent of list participants byup from just 12 percent inthe researchers noted.

And while the list included just one mixed-race celebrity, bythe findings showed that 14 mixed-race men and women made the cut. Still, Vashi noted that over the entire timeframe, just four non-white celebrities were featured as number 1 on the list, and all of those were post Nevertheless, the perception of beauty does seem to be shifting on several fronts.

For example, the average age of exemplary beauty notably rose over time, up from 33 in to nearly 39 in And that trend seems to be picking up steam, as the lists have included six celebrities aged 40 and up sincecompared with just one in all the years prior.

For some reason, however, men seem to be losing the attractiveness battle. As to what accounts for such trends, Vashi said that was beyond the scope of the current study.

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But, "the implications of this study are that beauty is ever changing and not just a static principle," she added. The findings were published online Oct. Amelia Couture, a Ph.UCO is a member of Kairos North America, the youth work organization of the Sword of the is a student outreach and is supported in various ways by local network of Christian families.

America the beautiful is changing

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Photographers use their cameras as tools of exploration, passports to inner sanctums, instruments for change. Their images are proof the photography matters-now more than ever. The Changing Face of America: A more diverse union Extremely multiracial, multicultural Gwinnett County, Ga., with a Diversity Index score of 71, offers lessons on where the nation will be in America’s ‘Beautiful People’ Are Changing WEDNESDAY, Oct.

America the beautiful is changing

11, (HealthDay News) — It strikes no one as surprising when someone like Beyonce graces the cover of a magazine as an icon of beauty, but a new study .

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