Educational autobiography

In choosing a career, I knew that I wanted to do something that would make a difference in the world. When I am near the end of my life, I want to be able to look back and say that I helped many people. I chose education because I thought that I could be effective at it. First of all, I enjoy learning.

Educational autobiography

Being in the presence of greatness for me is a hugely motivating experience and Pink, makes a very convincing argument as to the benefits of motivation to the learning experience. Interestingly this engagement with my peers and having them teach me what they know and me returning the favour is one of the stages from the 7 stage process identified by Race,Race, and whilst the context is slightly different and less formal I still feel the comparison is valid.

This can be further expanded by taking on board some of the guidance and aspirations set out within the UKPSF which I feel are critical to the success of education generally such as: I thrive on watching a master at work… this is when learning really happens for me at an accelerated rate, watching someone who is genuinely gifted at what they do and watching them do it well is an experience that never grows tiring or tedious.

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Unfortunately as the years roll by, society becomes busier and busier and the capacity to mentor and to transfer experience and information so that the student has the capacity to convert it to knowledge is becoming increasingly scarce.

Just the simple opportunity of being able to see what formwork looks like in the flesh rather than having it described to you makes for a much more solid learning framework and this transformational curriculum style of teaching with flexibility in learning environments is positive in my experience and indeed this is reflected in the UK PSF that has the following as one of its key indicators, which fits well with flexible spaces and a variety of opportunities for the students.

Why do I hold so few positive memories of educators? I bet the few remaining readers of this drawn out rambling diatribe are all wondering what does any of this really have to do with my educational biography.

Similar to Randy Pausch, one of the lecturing legends who recently passed away, I want to enable the dreams of others. This two way dialogue and hopefully my entire approach will sit well with the UK PSFbut more importantly than that to me, I hope it sits well with my students.

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Action plan item 1. This will start at the planning stage of my teaching, carrying through to delivery, assessment and feedback from the students to help improve future deliveries of the courses that I teach. I will welcome feedback from my students, peers and professional educators and actively seek it out and engage with best practice communities internally and hopefully externally as my confidence and abilities grow.

I will treat every day as if it is a school day and learn something new from students every day. Action plan item 2.

This will require me to expand upon my current skill set and learn skills not ordinarily associated with teaching engineering.

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Where possible I will try to promote open discussion within the classroom and integrate worked and unworked examples as a resource for the students. Through the development of digital resources, physical models, story telling and analogies I intend to reinforce the learning experience for the students in as many ways as possible to support their learning styles.

I will not however push inappropriate technologies for technology sake, any technology used should be transparent and support learning, not hinder it.

Action plan item 3. I will not allow myself to fall into a comfortable circuit of delivering the same lecture every year until its soul has been eaten and I no longer feel part of it something I found demotivating in my own experience when being subjected to these kinds of lectures.

Instead I will continue to develop my materials and seek out new ways of teaching. This could well involve creating a schedule of visiting presenters, associated site visits and using existing resources creatively including teaching locations.

Action plan item 4. As a new academic I have a certain empathy with the trials and tribulations of academic writing, referencing, researching and I will continue to encourage research and an inquisitive mind within my students.

To facilitate this I intend to either create a module or reinforce an existing module with additional material on lightweight structures, building upon the interest shown by the students in their final year dissertation topics set in these areas where I hope to encourage and support students to publish their work where appropriate.

Educational autobiography

I will also continue to run team taught session with the library staff on research techniques similar to the MSc one I organised earlier this year. Action plan item 5. I will create fruitful, open and valued relationships with anyone prepared to collaborate on positive activities, regardless of their experience, discipline, institution or political standing.

I will expand my boundaries far beyond my current comfort level, doing at least one thing every day that scares me. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. What is an Engineer? Journal of Engineering Education, 2 From teacher-centered to student-centered engineering education. Journal of Engineering Education, 88 1 Feedback through student essay competitions: Engineering Education, 4 1 Engineers are not made in heaven.

The Structural Engineer, 89 13 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:Educational Autobiography My Educational Career: A Brief History I began my education in the Berkley school system at Tyndale elementary school in northern Oak Park, Michigan.

Writing your educational autobiography should help clarify your beliefs about teaching and learning. There are three main parts to this assignment: An overview of your educational experiences A description of special events or significant experiences in your education. Educational autobiography essay ppt.

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Amy Corvello McGinley Student Teaching Autobiography Approximately four years ago, I decided that I wanted to become a teacher and specialize in Special Education.

In view of the fact that your autobiography may be read by the cooperating teacher, the school principal, your university supervisor, and prospective employers, it is extremely important that it be prepared carefully.

Please give attention to the following suggestions: Follow the outline (below) for the writing of your autobiography. Educational Autobiography Miguel Huerta Period 1 September 8, Educational Autobiography A lot of people think education is just something you get in school, but in reality education comes from different places and people not just school and teachers.

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