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She by no means cared to conform and became outspoken and stubborn in her non- conventionality. In fact, the recollections she harbored from her early youth in solar Prairie, Wisconsin, needed to do more along with her dating together with her bodily surroundings on her large farm than with humans.

Essays on georgia okeeffe

She was famous for painting many kinds of flowers, bones, caves as well as city scapes and buildings. The most interesting issue is that she reduced all her paintings to the elemental form of her subjects. It wasn't a replication of reality, but rather a celebration of all the forms, colors, and lines that come together in our world.

One interesting aspect of her work is that many critics say that O'Keefe's big bright flower paintings hint at a woman's sexuality. They claim that her flowers take after vaginas. I believe this is not the case. Georgia was simply painting these flowers in their simplest, elemental form.

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For starters, I looked at one of her paintings that one may say mirrored after a woman's genitalia. It is the painting called "Jack in the Pulpit" No.

Essays on georgia okeeffe

For starters we can see the lines are vertical sloping curves. There is a straight line in the middle coming from an organic oval shape. The petals of the flower on the top form a kind of circular dome over the straight vertical line.

Essays on georgia okeeffe

The texture of this flower painting seems soft, and smooth-like a close up photograph of this flower. The colors are all very cool. The flower petals are dark navy, with hints of lighter bluish green coming up through the petal folds.

There is a bright white line that splits the flower in half. There also is light blue and white shading coming from the navy oval shape near the base.

The only object seen in this painting the flower itself-and we don't even see the whole flower. It is such a close up point of view that the edges of the petals are cut off. This particular painting seems to be that of a lily.

The balance of this painting is symmetrical because the bright white line in the middle sort of cuts it in half. Each side of the painting is similar.

The light areas appear in the middle and top of the painting. The focal point is clearly the dark oval shape with the white line coming out of it. It is in the center of the painting. The rhythm seems to be circular, and calming and slow. The movement is through the shape contrast between the white line, and the dark petals.

Then the eyes move up to the top to see the light green and blue folds in the surrounding petals. All the above described, one can only assume that Georgia was concerned with capturing nature in its simplest form.

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Georgia O'Keefe was born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, on November 15, , where she was the second of seven children and grew up on a farm (O'Keefe Museum).4/4(1). Georgia O’Keeffe: A History and Art Analysis Intro to Art Instructor: Catherine Blackburn June 20, History of the Artist On November 15, in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin an artist by the name of Georgia O’Keeffe was born, the second of seven children.

Georgia OKeeffe Georgia OKeeffe Georgia Totto O\'Keeffe was born in the year on November 15, She was one of seven children and spent most of her childhood on a farm, with the typical farm animals and rolling hills. georgia okeeffe Essays: Over , georgia okeeffe Essays, georgia okeeffe Term Papers, georgia okeeffe Research Paper, Book Reports.

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