Openerp as open source erp software

You need to understand that competition is extremely tough. Regardless of the niche you are operating in, chances are you have at least 50 strong competitors, and a couple of hundreds more that may not be a direct threat to you.

Openerp as open source erp software

Real-time data is the lifeblood of a modern enterprise. The problem is, most organizations in different industries have vastly different requirements. Cost Total Cost of Ownership — How much money, time and resources is it going to take to keep the software up and running?

How long will it take to actually deploy in your enterprise? What are the support protocols if service or data drops in the migration? What impact does that have on IT cost and operations? This is another set of questions that needs to be answered in your planning and exploratory phases.

Incidental Cost — Look into the common bugs associated with the platform you choose. This overlaps with cost of ownership and stability, but it directly Openerp as open source erp software cost.

Some solutions may be buggier and more costly to develop, deploy and maintain depending on how they were coded and the language and environment they use.

Openerp as open source erp software

Features Minimum Viable Product — It is best to pick a small set of the most important features and ship something fast and then iterate over trying to create a masterpiece in one shot. You should factor costs for new features on the horizon that you may not have planned out in the initial scope and pick a pricing model that best suits the needs of your specific project.

Stability Business Logic — Does the solution you are looking at match your business logic out of the box, or is going to take a lot of customization to get what you need?

This may cut you off from updates, so be careful to consider and research exactly how each Open Source ERP platform you are looking at works. Community — How big is the community of the platform you are choosing? Even if there is good enterprise support, how is the community support?

Do questions go unanswered? Do bugs get fixed in a timely manner? This should all be factored into your final decision. Support — What support and service level is provided by the software vendor?

Openerp as open source erp software

Do they have the capability to step in and help if you get in over your head or there is an emergency? This has to be considered with any mission critical application in your business. Hopefully this gives a framework to avoid any pitfalls during your planning and exploratory phases.

A quick look at Google Trends of the top 5 Open Source ERP software shows where the market is headed and who the top solutions providers are by popularity current day… This is by no means an accurate number of total market share, but is telling of the rate of adoption and demand in the marketplace.

In this post I wanted to provide the most updated Open Source ERP software currently available on the market and some of the pitfalls that you should consider with each solution. FREE for solo entrepreneurs how cool is that?!

The code is modern and very well organized built using Python and MariaDB. It is important to note their community version is the most extensible of any solution in this list.

It is also without a doubt one of the most extensible and customizable solutions available, but definitely one of the more complicated to learn and deploy as well. Anyone looking to build a solution with Apache OFBiz who does not have previous experience with the software should understand that there is a steep learning curve, it is written in Java.For more discussion on open source and the role of the CIO in the enterprise, join us at The

The opinions expressed on this website are those of each author, not of the author's employer or of Red Hat. This is a list of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

The first section is devoted to free and open-source software, and the second is for proprietary software. The Open Source ERP is a web based ERP. The software contains a web interface for administration of the system and an Active Directory based on Samba resp.

a groupware based on Sogo. It can be used as SBS for sharing data via Webdav and SMB and administrate website based on Apache. We are IT services company in Dubai providing ERP system, accounting and billing softawares, learning management, HR solutions, Organisation charting software, Video conferencing, CCTV cameras, Security and surviellance solutions, Bulk SMS Solution, SMS Gateway Integration, Wifi networking, Avaya Call Recording, Home automation, smart home solutions, office software, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, .

OpenERP is an Open Source ERP. It covers and integrates most enterprise needs and processes: Accounting, HR, Sales, CRMm, Purchase, Stock, Production, Services Management, Project Management, Marketing Campaign and management by affairs. Odoo. Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP, is still high on the list of open source ERP software options, but that stronghold is slipping away fast.

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